Gerishon Nyagia Reuben 

CEC Member 


Launched at the KICC on 6th August 2013 by His Excellency the governor of Murang’a County Mwangi Wa Iria, Murang’a Child Can is a school mentorship initiative aimed at stimulating change in the education sector in Murang’a County. Under the program, mentors adopt schools of their choice within the county and working together with the schools and the county government implement strategies of improving performance in the respective schools.

Murang’a Child Can be enacted with a view to adding value to the educational experience which will eventually translate into better grades for our pupils. The program, therefore, provides a platform for Murang’a County professionals and other stakeholders to become active participants in uplifting the standards of education and by extension the future livelihood of Murang’a County’s children.

The Murang’a Child Can initiative was developed against the backdrop of a show of declining academic performance in recent years. It envisions the restoration of Murang’a County to its former glory as an academic powerhouse producing some of the best performing students in the country. The Murang’a County government has made a promise to the people of Murang’a County that high academic performance in their schools will once again become a reality.

By actualizing the concept of improving the standard of education the county government will ensure that Murang’a County steadily moves from the current staggering position thirty-six and thirty-three in KCPE and KCSE respectively in the national County rankings to be among the top-performing counties. In this light, Murang’a Child Can have brought on board a large number of like-minded individuals who are committed to developing a common engagement plan geared towards empowering teachers and pupils so that they may remain focused on their personal development.

Among the first projects for Murang’a Child Can, the County Government has rescued the parents from the many hurdles they face in facilitating the cost of an examination by sponsoring the entire primary examination running from class 1 to class 8 to ensure there are minimal interruptions during the learning process due to lack of exam fees. We endeavour to acquire optimum goodwill and cooperation from all stakeholders, ensuring that there are minimal interruptions in the existing structures and systems. In order to achieve this critical noble program, the County Government has created a department within the Ministry of Education, Information and Technology to competently see its success.