The first ever free pediatric orthopedic surgery camp commenced at Maragua Rural Hospital (Sub- County). The childrens’ Surgical Camp is being conducted by a 7 Spanish medical team under VIDAS Association in collaboration with the County Government of Murang’a, medical team.

With a maximum of 4 surgeries a day the Spanish surgeons have successfully accomplished 10 surgical cases, where two patients have been discharged awaiting their review dates. A Digital Electronic Health Records System is playing a huge role in enabling swift accessibility of patients reports and guarantees longevity of the reports.

Screening was conducted two months ago where 41 free Digital x-rays were carried out by Doctor Rioba and managed to send the findings to Spain where the Spanish Doctors analysed the findings, which enabled familiarity of the conditions once they arrived to perform the surgeries.

Highly specialized Pediatric Orthopedic surgeries will run for two weeks where another team of General specialized paediatric Surgeons will fly in to carry on for two weeks. 41 patients will have been attended to by the end of the month.

‘’ We highly appreciate the collaboration of the county Government of Murang’a and the support from the resident medical team,’’ Doctor Victorio said (Lead Spanish Doctor).

‘’Embu County has benefited from this camp, having taken in a patient from Eastern region and discharged. We don’t have boundaries when Health threatens and portrays to be a disaster,’’ Doctor Mutuota resident occupational therapist said.

The Spanish Doctors are on leave in their country and have volunteered to offer professional service to children so as to impact a livelihood that is free from bullying in any social environment especially in School.