1. Duties and Responsibilities
  • An officer at this level will be responsible for:-
  1. Working with communities to identify and mobilize local resources for the implementation of development projects;
  2. Guiding communities develop Community Action Plans (CAPs);
  • Liaising with local communities and other development agencies in implementing community development programmes;
  1. Identifying self-help groups and community based organizations for registration;
  2. Collecting sex and disability disaggregated data for all social development programmes;
  3. Collecting social development related data for planning;
  • Guiding communities and self-help groups to identify their social economic needs;
  • Mobilizing communities to implement their developments projects;
  1. Mainstreaming disability in programmes and projects;


  • Requirements for Appointment
    For appointment to this grade, an officer must have:
  1. Bachelor’s degree in any of the following disciplines: – Sociology, Anthropology, Social work, Psychology, Community Development, Project Development/ Management, Disability Studies, Counselling, Gender and Development, Business Administration/Management or equivalent qualification from a recognized institution;
  2. Certificate in computer application skills from a recognized institution

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