• Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Enforcing various County laws and other relevant acts
  2. Monitoring and enforcing compliance on County Revenue
  3. Maintaining county laws, sanity and order in market and other business premises,
  4. Performing the duties of traffic marshal,
  5. Overseeing cleanliness and orderliness of station of duties,
  6. Receiving and scrutinizing charge sheets from investigation officer, giving evidence in court where county has interest in traffic matters,
  7. Checking on insurance and facilitating the insurance of county vehicle,
  8. Handling drills and parade matters,
  9. Receive and scrutinizes charge sheet from investigation officer,
  10. Peruses and advised on investigations witness in court,
  11. Produce exhibit in court, bonds prosecution witnesses and takes plea in court,
  12. Safe custody of exhibits,
  13. Coordinate with the head of respective enforcement in preparation of cases and witness and produces the past record of an accused person in court, and
  14. Supervising and maintain discipline amongst his subordinates


Requirements for appointment

For appointment to this grade an officer must have: –

  1. Served in enforcement or in a comparable and relevant position in the public service for a minimum period of twelve (12) years
  2. Approved enforcement officers course or police training course or Administration police course from a recognized government institution
  3. A supervisory or management course from a recognized government institution or its equivalent
  4. Physical fitness as applicable to the Kenyan Police Service plus a fitness medical certificate from a recognized institution
  5. Certificate in specialized training in prosecution and investigation skills from a recognized institution
  6. Certificate of Good Conduct from the Director of Criminal Investigation
  7. Certificate in computer application
  8. Demonstrate merit and shown ability as reflected work performance and result

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