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Governor Mwangi Wa Iria has launched the one 'youth one cow' initiative at Gakoigo showgrounds In Maragua Sub-County.

The project is under the partnership of Murang'a County Government and Murang'a County Creameries(MCC) and is geared towards rolling out an affordable and a friendly financial plan that enables the youths to venture into dairy agriculture.In this plan; the targeted beneficiary gets enlisted as a member to a primary dairy co-operative in his Ward affliated to MCC which acts as a gurantoor in purchasing a cow on credit terms.Upon the beneficiary choice of a cow, livestock and veteniary officers asesses the cow's health and milk production potential.Later the targeted beneficiary pays 4% (cow value) insuarance cover and the lending institution then pays for the cow.The insuarance tag secures the cow against risks.The beneficiary then starts paying for the cow after the delivery and the deduction is made from the milk sales from a fraction agreed upon by the beneficiary and MCC.

Dairy farming is one of the pillar that anchors the economy of Murang'a and this informs the pertinence of involving the youths in this genre of farming.The persons with disabilities will also be accorded simillar treatment with the youths in this plan.Those that are not in the youth bracket are also eligible to this program but will have to pay additional Kshs. 10,000 in top of the 4% insurance fees.

The Governor asserted that he will also work with local livestock dealers formerly known as 'cattle brokers' whose experience in livestock market will aid in fetching high breed cows at reasonable prices.

The County Government's team of livestock and veterinary officers will be conducting routine check ups in ensuring that the cows are reared under the right conditions.

In the first phase that was launched on 21st September two hundrend and fifty (250) cows were given to beneficiaries drawn from various wards. This is a continuous program that bears an intention of reaching out to more youths as we will be giving out more cows on a monthly timeline.

By Governor's Communications Unit.

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