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coffeeCoffee farming is one of the prima commercial agricultural undertaking accounting for an estimated 70,000 households.The volume of coffee production was on a decline trend for the last two decades and this called for a well thought of strategy to address the factors that brought fourth this decline.

fileSome of the approaches that the County Government of Murang'a has rolled out include giving farmers free batian coffee trees. Batian is ten times more productive than the ordinary SL coffee trees in addition to being resistant to coffee berry diseases.

To this far 3Million batian coffee trees have been given out and the first has already been picked processing this year.This approach is geared towards boosting the volume of production.The County Government has  also employed agronomic practices to increase production per tree.The coffee farmers union was restructured in order to roll out a proper management plan and get rid of scandalized engagements that would make farmers incur losses.

To fetch farms inputs at reasonable rates the County Government rolled out a collective farm inputs purchase plan and as we speak the County Government is offering quality farmyard manure at subsidized prices to coffee farmers.This farmyard manure will address the ever escalating soil alkalinity which has consistently rendered the soil infertile.This farmyard manure is available in the coffee factories and is being offered at a reasonable and subsidized price.

In revitalizing extension services to farmers the County Government has employed a coffee officer in every Sub-County tasked with championing coffee development and educating farmers.

The County Government has also provided each Coffee Cooperative Society with an agricultural officer to offer necessarily expertise and ensure proper production oriented farming methods.

On behalf of the farmers the Murang'a County Government is pursuing finance partnership to avail accessible, affordable and timely credit services which is pertinent in addressing resources constrains for a genre of farming that is on the route to revival.

It's worth noting that the County Government Comprehensive Coffee Development Project has seen the cherry production in the county increase from 14,719,429 kg in 2011/12 to 24,133,321 kg in 2013/14.

The County Government of Murang'a has also presided over the restructuring of the coffee farmers union owing to mismanagement that has perennially incurred loses to farmers.

This coffee improvement program is a proposed five-year project geared towards uplifting the status of coffee farming and turning into a major income earner via targeted interventions across the whole coffee value chain.Below are the enumerated key objectives entailed in this program. 

1. Improve the quality of coffee produced by small scale farmers.

2. Boost the quantity of coffee produced by small scale farmers.

3. Replace the old and coffee prone coffee trees with the advanced high yielding varieties.

4. Increase the average yield per tree to acceptable standards.

5. Improve the coffee prices payable to smallholder farmers.

PHOTO FILE( Governor Mwangi Wa Iria visiting coffee farms in Kandara; the batian coffee trees in these farms were given to farmers by the County Government)

By Governor's Communications Unit.

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