• Murang’a County is the leading producer of Avocados especially the Hass Variety in the whole country.
  • The county aims at facilitating the farmers with hybrid Hass seedlings because of the exponentioally increasing demand of the variety especially in the European market thus bringing incrased earnings to our farmer. Governor Mwangi Wa Iria has sourced buyers for the avocado farmers in cooperatives and set up for them buying centers. Previously, the avocados were bought at Kshs 1/=
  • Today in Murang’a, an Avocado sells at an average of Kshs 10/= and the county government is hopeful that the price will go up to Kshs. 15.
  • The estimated annual Avocado production in murang’a is 300 million fruits. At an average of Kshs. 10/= the farmers will earn 3 billion annually.

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  • Please make hass avocado seedlings easily available for farmers in murang’a

    Faith Githinji Reply

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