• Delloitte a world leading research and minaret conducted a coffee value chain gap analysis and developing solutions for MUGAMA, the union that handles coffee affairs in Murang’a County.
  • A comprehensive production, milling, branding, packaging and marketing plan for Murang’a Coffee will be unveiled soon. All this will enhance productivity, reduce cost of production and ensure good disposable income to the coffee farmes from Murang’a.
  • There is already an ongoing coffee replacement program from the SL series to Batian and Ruiru11 that yeild 10 times more, less prone to diseases and are organic. This will save farmers 30 percent of the total production cost and enhance certification to organic coffee, which fetches better prices in the market.
  • More than 600,000 coffee plants have been distributed to farmers at no cost, with the project set to benefit about 40, 000 farmers with 8 million seedlings. Seedlings to be distributed through groups.