To be the County with a robust trade and investment environment.



To provide a conducive environment for trade, investment and industrial development for domestic and export business to thrive.


Core Values

The Department is guided by the following core values:

  • Communication

Ensuring smooth information flow to all stakeholders

  • Integrity and transparency

Accountability devoid of corrupt practices in service delivery

  • People centered and customer satisfaction

Courtesy, respect and delight to all our stakeholders

  • Commitment

Speedy delivery of our duties

  • Team work

Team spirit, collaboration and consultation for improved service delivery

  • Innovativeness and creativity

Proactive in seeking better and more efficient methods of service delivery


The Mandate

The Department’s mandate is derived from the Presidential Circular no. 1/2008 of May 2008. In this, the Department is tasked with: –

  1. Developing trade policies
  2. Promotion of retail and wholesale markets
  • Development of micro and small businesses
  1. Fair trade practices and consumer protection
  2. Private sector development


Strategic Objectives

In order to address the aforementioned mandate, the following strategic objectives are applied;

  • Promote private sector development through enterprise and entrepreneurship development;
  • Improve business environment and promote attractive investment climate;
  • Broaden and deepen the export base and markets;
  • Foster conducive linkages and collaboration mechanisms;
  • Enhance the Department’s capacity for quality service delivery
  • Strengthen financial resource mobilization.



  1. Trade Industry and Investment
  2. Tourism
  3. Cooperative Development
  4. Agri-Business



Trade Objective

  • Provision of Business Development Services
  • Coordination and Development of Micro, Small and Medium Business engaged in trade
  • Promote growth and development of wholesale and retail trade
  • Collection of business information and Management of County Business information centers.
  • Promotion of domesticating bilateral, regional and international trade
  • Provision of market infrastructure
  • Promotion of use of E-Commerce
  • Conducting trade fairs/exhibitions and facilitating trade mission in the county


Industry and Investment Objectives  

Murang’a County holds great economic potential as a national, regional and international investment destination. The Department highlights this economic potential to business people as well as investors in terms of:


  • Facilitation and promotion of industrialization processes in the county.
  • Development of potential investment project profiles
  • Identifying resources for economic gain in the county
  • Dissemination of information to entrepreneurs on investment and industry requirements.
  • Liaison with other agencies for provision of infrastructural facilities – water, electricity, transport etc.
  • Dissemination of information to entrepreneurs on availability of finance IDB, KIE, ICDC, Banks, Non-Financial Institutions etc.
  • Dissemination of information on available Government incentives.
  • To train in Business Development Services(BDS) (entrepreneurship)



Weights and Measures Objectives

The Department ensures fair trade practices by ensuring all weighing and measuring equipment’s are accurate for the protection of consumer. This enhances socio-economic development of the County. The Department does regular inspection of goods sold to ensure that consumers are not buying counterfeit and sub-standard good. In addition, consumer protection is done through;


  • Formulation, review and implementation of policies and registration on weights and measures and other consumer protection services.
  • Promotion of uniformity of all measurements in trade through procurement and maintenance of physical standards of weights and measures, which are nationally and internationally recognized.
  • Control of the accuracy and manner of use of weighing and measuring equipment in use for trade.
  • Control of the sale of goods in terms of quantity i.e. weight, measure, or number of such goods as laid down in the regulations.
  • Protection of the consumer against cheating through false description of goods and services in terms of quantity, quality, price, composition fitness for purpose, place or date of manufacture or such other practices.
  • Regulation of sale, manufacturing and repair of weighing and measuring equipment for use for trade.
  • Ensure Traders and consumer education and awareness
  • Conduct trade fairs and exhibitions together with other departments to promote awareness to traders and consumers.



Murang’a County is endowed with bountiful natural resources; her greatness resonates across Kenya and beyond. The County’s tourism potential is not fully exploited and hence the County leadership is keen on unlocking this economic potential. With this support, the Directorate has embarked on promoting the County as a tourist destination for domestic and international tourists.


Murang’a borders one of Kenya’s water towers, The Aberdare National Park and Forest which is ideal for bird watching and camping. The cradle of Agikuyu – Mukuru Wa Nyagathanga Shrine and Tuthu Catholic church, the first Catholic Church are a few of the tourist attraction within the County.


High altitude training camp

Ndakaini is notable as an adventurous and sightseeing area. The magical beautiful landscape overlooking the Aberdares ranges is a reputable venue in sports tourism attributed to its high altitude. The area is now much sought after for athletics training from all over Kenya and the world. The Ndakaini Marathon is an annual event that promotes sport tourism in the county.


Water sports

Water sports such as kayaking and canoeing along the River Sagana are a growing attraction among local and international tourists. These activities offered at Rapid Camp are considered “extreme sports” due to their world class standards.


The Aberdare Range and beautiful scenery

Murang’a County borders the Aberdare Range on the North-Western side. The beautiful landscapes of the Aberdare have given Murang’a County a new name, “A Gem amidst Rolling Hills.” Visitors can hike on its friendly slopes, camp, enjoy bird watching, fishing in the several crystal-clear water streams, and watch wild animals as they graze undisturbed by your presence.


Cultural tourism

Murang’a county is undisputedly the host of Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga. The traditions of the Agikuyu place the first man and woman, Mumbi and Gikuyu, here. Some cultural anthropologist refer to the community as the “Jews of Africa” due the similarities in culture with the Jews of historical times. This is the ancestral home of Gikuyu and Mumbi, the iconic parents of the 9 daughters from where the 9 clans of the Agikuyu community originated and as such, rich cultural and spiritual heritage imaginations are told making it a pilgrimage destination.



There has been a growing number of hotels with state of the art facilities adequate for the corporate market. Murang’a County’s proximity to the capital city and the smooth road network have attracted hoteliers to invest in the County. Some of the hotels include Sagana Gateway Resort, Goldenpalm Hotel and Hotel Nokras. Aberdare cottages, is ideal for the adventurous visitor who prefers high altitude weather and relaxation.


Site seeing at various vantage points

Murang’a County has breath-taking scenery. The hilly landscape is endowed with rolling hills flush with adventure and relaxation. It is the perfect getaway from the busy life.



The County is favoured by the climatic conditions that promote all type of farming. From tropical fruits, daily farming, horticulture farming to coffee and tea farming. For an agri-entrepreneurs and town dwellers, this is the best place for agri-tourism. Visitors can book at Goshen farm hotel and Tetura luxury camp where much of Agri-tourism is practiced alongside offering hospitality services. Guests get to engage in farming activities and experience the beauty of country life.





Department of Trade, Industry and Investment

P.O Box 52-10200 Murang’a.

Tel: 0207866741