The existence of proper infrastructure spurs economic development in addition to sustainable development. 

To this end, my administration has actively engaged in rendering life to the development plans for the transport system, drainage rehabilitation, construction and water channelization.  

To tremendously execute this; paving, grading and graveling of access roads is continuously being done. Connectivity is also being enhanced with the construction of bridges and footbridges. 

Delisting of the existing and drilling of new dams is also encompassed in this plan in securing increased water volume for domestic and Irrigation use. 

Drilling of boreholes precisely in the drier zones of the County as part of the water infrastructure improvement as a continuous water infrastructure improvement plan is being rolled out.

 My administration will continue prioritizing this sector by allocating more funds to new and ongoing infrastructural projects. I trust that members of this house of will support budget proposals as I seek to open up the County for economic growth.

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