Public Service


To be an effective and efficient facilitator in resource mobilization, policy formulation and implementation


To provide overall leadership and policy direction in human and financial resource mobilization, management and accountability for quality public service delivery

Strategic Objectives

  • To provide Strategic fit between Human Resource and the organization strategy.
  • To Develop and Review appropriate County Organizational structure and workload analysis
  • To acquire adequate and properly placed Personnel
  • To carry out Continuous Capacity building
  • To operationalize Results based performance
  • To put up Employee Welfare Mechanism
  • Promote Cordial Industrial Relations
  • To Ease access to Human Resource Records
  • Automate Human Resource functions
Strategic fit between Human Resource and the organization strategy. Strategic Human Resource Plan Develop and operationalize the Strategic Human Resource plan.

Develop a transformative organizational culture.

An appropriate County Organizational structure and workload analysisCounty organizational structuresCarry out a workload analysis

Develop and review  county organizational structures

Adequate and Properly placed PersonnelRecruitment and maintenance policyTo develop and implement the recruitment and maintenance policies.


Continuous Capacity buildingTraining and Development policy Develop and implement Training and Development policy.

 Leadership development and team building.

Results Based performanceEffective and efficient Performance Management System Develop and implement performance management system.

 Develop a reward and sanction framework.

Establish Monitoring and evaluation policy.

 Training on performance management.

Employee WelfareEmployee welfare policyDevelop and implement an employee welfare policy
Cordial Industrial RelationsA County industrial dispute resolution frameworkEstablish a liaison office.

Establish an industrial dispute resolution committee.

Easy access to Human Resource RecordsEffective and efficient record management system Acquire adequate and secure filing system.

 Digitize all manual Human Resource Records.

Training on records management

Automation of Human Resource functionsUpgrade the existing Human Resource information SystemOperationalize other inactive IPPD system functions.

 Linking the IPPD system with key offices in the county.

Training on Human Resource Information System.