Agriculture account for the largest income generating concentration in   Murang’a County.However, due to various challenges such as expensive and in-available farm inputs, poor marketing arrangements and inadequate access to credit services have hindered the realization of full reaps and benefits from agricultural activities.

The County Government is emphasizing on providing quality farm inputs such as Maize seeds and Free AI services that guarantee high yield.

The County Government is also about to complete embarking on value addition by completing the ongoing construction of Milk Processing Factory, setting up a speciality tea factory and agricultural produce export zone.The County Government will also establish a banana grading zone and a fruit juice minting factory.

The County Government is also rolling out radical measures to improve coffee farming through The ‘Kahawa Bora’ program.This Initiative will entail production, milling and marketing strategies.

 Towards enhancing access to credit and market, The County Government is establishing new Cooperative entities and offering infrastructural support to the existing one to cater for farmers across all sub-sectors.

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