Livestock Production 
“To be the leader in facilitation and delivery of efficient and effective services for a sustainable and prosperous livestock sub-sector”
“To provide timely support services that increase productivity, value addition and market access for the livestock sub- sector products”.
Goals and Targets
To transform livestock production into a commercially oriented enterprise that ensures sustainable food security and wealth creation in Murang’a County.

The livestock sector contributes about 12% of Kenya’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), 40% to the agricultural GDP and employs 50% of agricultural labor force. The stakeholders in the sector have recognized the role that a vibrant livestock industry can play to reverse the poverty levels and contribute to the nation’s economic growth. 

 In   Murang’a County agriculture accounts for the largest income generating concentration. However, due to various challenges such as expensive inputs, poor marketing arrangements and inadequate access to credit services have hindered the realization of full reaps and benefits from agricultural activities.

The County Government is emphasizing on providing quality  Free AI services that guarantee high yield.

 Livestock Production Challenges
1. Low staff to farmer ration leading to inadequate extension service provision
2. Inadequate and unreliable rainfall for fodder production.
3. Low quality and high cost of inputs and services

Lessons Learnt
1. There is need for systematic implementation and proper follow up and monitoring to track projects progress
C. Veterinary services sub sector
Lessons Learnt
1. County AI programme is a county initiative to make it accessible to the poor. Premium services can be left to the private sector as the two complement each other.
2. County AI services can manage to lower the market charges of an insemination.
3. Transport and consistent funding are critical to efficient and effective veterinary service delivery



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