Avocados bonus award ceremony at Kakuzi Limited

Avocados bonus award ceremony at Kakuzi Limited

Governor Mwangi wairia presided over the Avocados bonus award ceremony at Kakuzi Limited. The 19 million Shillings bonus will go to farmers who have sold their hash avocado to Kakuzi Limited through a partnership mediated and harnessed by the County Government. This partnership enables the avocados farmers to secure a steady market and better pricing.

Prior to the roll out of this marketing partnership farmers would earn as little as 3 shillings per fruit owing to exploitation by middlemen. However, depending on the grading farmers can now earn up to 35 shillings per fruit delivered to Kakuzi Limited.
This initiative is part of the wider avocado farming programme instituted by the County Government to cushion farmers from externalities such as middlemen and fluctuating markets. The initiative also involves giving hybrid hash avocado tree seedlings to farmers in addition to provision of other farm inputs necessary for commercial avocado farming.

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