Launch of Revolutionary Community Health Nursing Program (CHNP)

Muranga County Governor Mwangi Wa Iria Launches Revolutionary Community Health Nursing Program (CHNP)

Muranga County Government has launched an ambitious and revolutionary Community Health Nursing Program (CHNP).

Under this program, community nurses will be trained to perform a variety of nursing procedures which will include and not limited to the following:

1. Basic nursing care -Such as checking temperature, blood pressure and breathing administering injections.

2. Assisting doctors with examinations and medical procedures cleaning and dressing wounds, setting up intravenous drips and monitoring ongoing care.

The program aims to plug the gap between the community and health facilities. Being community based, it will offer credible, efficient, effective and easily accessible Medicare and medical advisory at the most critical of levels.

By creating a vibrant community health care system, the program will provide; a better channel for health research (on needs etc), fast reporting of outbreaks or any health concerns, efficient feedback mechanisms, faster patient referrals, greater reach, a great platform for effective and efficient monitoring and evaluation of the health standards and conditions within the community set ups.

This Revolutionary community nursing care is set to demystify and improve health care in the rural areas. It will help the Muranga County Government meet the needs of elderly, disabled or vulnerable patients who may not be able to easily visit the hospital. Community nurses will provide an important educational and advisory service for patients and families. Governor Mwangi Wa Iria also stated they will undergo refresher capacity building training on clinical nursing, emerging Medicare problems, techniques and procedures, program management, clinical practice development and clinical practice leadership.

The retired nurses are a resource to County by virtue of their experience, which should be utilized. The nurses will work in conjunction with Community Health Workers (CHWs) to identify the most critical cases.

The community nurses will have free NHIF cover for their own families. The Community Health Nurses, volunteers and staff, will embark on a massive NHIF recruitment program. The County Government intends to put 40,000 homes on the health cover with people who suffer from chronic diseases being given priority.

Health policy experts have stated that this is a project that National government should assist other counties to replicate across the country.

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